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Non-invasive prenatal test Nace
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Non-invasive prenatal test Nace

Why NACE® and NACE® Extended 24?

    • Delivery of NACE test results in 3 business days (15 business days for NACE Extended).1
    • Valid from the 10th week of pregnancy onwards
    • Most robust tests on the market: results obtained in nearly 100% of cases
    • The number of cases in which a second blood extraction is required is less than 0.07%, the lowest rate in the market
    • Nace Extended 24 is the most complete test on the market: it studies anomalies in all 24 chromosomes, and identifies six microdeletions related with major genetic syndromes
    • Clinically validated
    • Includes genetic counselling
    • Includes a confirmation test, in the case of a positive result, without additional cost
    • It is valid for women whose pregnancy was achieved via in vitro fertilization, including gestations resulting from donated oocytes.
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