Non-invasive prenatal test

  • NACE® is a non-invasive prenatal test. This means that it is completely safe for you and your baby.
  • A small blood sample taken from the arm, just like in any other routine blood analysis, is sufficient to run the test. NACE® uses the latest sequencing technology to analyze fetal DNA compared to maternal DNA to detect certain anomalies with high precision and reliability.
  • During the pregnancy the baby’s DNA circulates through the mother’s bloodstream. Tremendous advances in the field of genetics have allowed us, for the first time, to detect this fetal DNA in the mother’s blood and to access genetic information about the baby’s chromosomes.

What alternatives are there to the non-invasive prenatal test?

Is a study combining hormonal and ultrasound analysis that takes maternal age into account. It is performed between week 9 and 13 of pregnancy.

Is performed at dierent times throughout the pregnancy and can lead to the suspicion of Down, Edwards, or Patau syndromes. A diagnostic test is required to confirm any suspicion that may arise.

Is performed from week 15 from an amniotic liquid sample. It is an invasive test with a risk of spontaneous abortion of 0.5-1%.

Similar to amniocentesis, it is an invasive test with a risk of spontaneous abortion of 1-2%. It is performed from week 11.

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Non-invasive prenatal test