Test prenatal no invasivo
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Results and reliability

How reliable is the non-invasive prenatal test?

Nace® and Nace® Extended 24 are the most robust tests available on the market: they obtain results in nearly 100% of cases. Less than 0.07% of tests require a second blood extraction, the lowest rate in the market. This prevents delays in results delivery.

Both tests detect fetuses with Down syndrome with very high precision, as well as other anomalies (chromosomes 18, 13, X, and Y), or all the 24 chromosomes and 6 microdeletions in the case of NACE® Extended 24. However, they do not analyze every possible problem, genetic or otherwise, which could be present in the baby.

What type of results will I get?

The report will tell you is one of the chromosomal alterations analyzed has been detected or not. In the case that one is detected an invasive test (amniocentesis or a chorionic villus biopsy) will be required to confirm the finding. Your doctor will tell you about these tests.


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